John Bellows THUNDERSTORM cover of GenOrange 365 Project song 7-8-12 LaLaLand

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John Bellows "Thunderstorm" (cover of GenOrange 365 Project song) live at LaLaLand 7-8-2012 Fayetteville Arkansas. About the artist, See Myspace LINK or look him up on Last FM. Review of the show follows: Entire 9-song set of John Bellows posted @dgold colbruce youtube channel LINK (the whole show is a must-watch IMO), This performance was entirely acoustic, no amps or mics. He just sang and played to the garage-size room with maybe 30 attendees. This was a treat. John Bellows has a powerful voice, range, characters, personality, emotions. There is a range of intensity from soft to intense, emotions from glee, anger, domination, fear, doubt, questioning. There is confidence and timidity. He is a passionate performer, a real joy to experience live in concert. He sold his album John Bellows - Clean Your Clock, for $5 to $10. The studio album is good, more sophisticated layers, where the acoustic live set is raw and emotional. The venue, LaLaLand, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is like a house party or garage party, located near The Art Experience and Brenda's Bigger Burgers, off MLK (6th Street). Cover charge was $3 donation. This show was a triple bill. Justin Cliford Rhody also performed with a retro slideshow of photographs displayed on a sheet in front of LaLa Land, with soundtrack. The 3rd act, the opener involved 4 cassette tape decks playing at once. John Bellows was described as acoustic folk grunge, however, I found that he is hard to classify in that manner. For me the main characteristics of John Bellows show were the many different voices and characters he used, and the passionate performance of songs. Easily one of the most surprising and exciting shows I've seen in 2012 so far, I highly recommend anyone go see John Bellows live and get into his songs. This show was my 1st time listening to him and after that I became a fan. RIYL recommended if you like The Avett Brothers, The David Mayfield Parade, Stephen Malkmus, Daniel Johnston, Neutral Milk Hotel. Dgold recorded this live concert on Kodak xi8 w tripod. See more live music videos on my channel, file name: JohnBellows-2012-07-08-LaLaLand-song01-T­hunderstormCoverSongOfGenOrange365Projec­t-HD720p.MOV
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