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In the game “Walks” the child can improve gross motor planning and eye-hand co-ordination skills. The child becomes a Farmer who walks along a path that has specific shapes, i.e. horizontal, vertical, or diagonal paths begins with a basic line and advances to more challenging forms back, front, top, bottom, right, left, etc.). The Farmer has to move along the path and pick up carrots avoiding collisions on the boundaries.

The teacher/therapist can adjust the difficulty level by enabling the appearance of obstacles in the form of snakes and worms as well as by changing the width of the path.

This game invites children to simultaneously combine several skills including attention, the ability to coordinate properly their hand movements and react quickly to avoid obstacles when needed. At the end of each game, the players have the opportunity to check their mistakes and try to do better, thereby improving these skills gradually.

Are you ready to pick up carrots?

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About Kinems:
Kinems is a simple to use movement-based educational platform for teachers who want to offer personalized engaging learning experiences to K-3 children and monitor progress in learning and motor skills.
Kinect motion-based interactive games combine physical activities with academic goals for promoting the improvement of academic performance in math and literacy, motor planning & execution, concentration, attention, and audio-visual perception. Unique features are adaptability in content and gestures as well as the provision of detailed progress reports.
Ideal for special educators and occupational therapists that are working children who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia as well as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.
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