Easter Celebration 2013: THIS DAY Trailer

For tickets and information visit or call 717.737.1887

An oppressive government rules over Israel causing young boys to grow up before their time. One such boy is Dysmas. After the death of his father, at the hands of the Romans, Dysmas decides to provide for his family in the only way he can think of—by becoming a thief. However, he doesn’t view himself a criminal; after all, he’s only taking back from the Romans what he feels has been stolen from Israel—small payment for the life of his father.

This path leads him down a road that will eventually cost him his life. But at that crucial moment in time, when all seems to be lost forever, his life intersects with what, at first glance, appears to be just another criminal being executed along side of him. But this is a man like no other man. A man who has the power to change Dysmas’ destiny forever with these simple words; “THIS DAY… you will be in paradise with me.

Come be a part of this life changing production; where you too can hear those destiny changing, hope filled words, “THIS DAY…”

For tickets and information visit or call 717.737.1887

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