I tried to think about who are these people that attend a model showing; do they want to buy these women, what is modeling, are they modeling a lifestyle or a look or is it about just this event and having some entertainment. Who is this women with these flowing big earrings? I use to think that earrings and some necklaces are what women wear as a passive gift from their side suiters, like to be "I was given a gift", I like him, but its nothing serious. Well this women has a lot to say about her daughter or apprentice that wants to know everything about this side of fashion and modeling, will see where this evening goes.

Well, before you know it this room is back to being an exclusive night club on the rooftop of a hotel in downtown Chicago, I leave to only be surrounded by the colorfully dressed people of the downtown streets, where anyone with enough style and attitude can be a model or fashion expert for the few seconds you are graced with their presence and before you know...there gone, only a slight image remains burned into your brain of how they looked before the next cover girl model walks by.


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