Skydive Academy - Dwelling

I remember the time I almost gave up without a fight
Almost can’t sleep at night, every day doesn’t feel right
That’s why I thought I gots to move
Gots to prove, gots to get back my groove
Can’t lay on my back, Gotta get back on track
I miss my city, but success won’t come easy
Give up my dreams? Shit, are you dizzy?
Some people don’t believe that my dreams are achievable
Whatever they say as long as it’s tolerable
Man, I’m not used to having enemies and frenemies
In my life I just needed some peace
So I just shrug it off, I try to cool it off
Soon detractors will just go and fuck off
I know I can’t fight fire with fire, coz my firepower is greater
And time will tell who’s gonna shine brighter.
I can hear snakes hiss, I’m a rise above this
Critics soon be drinking my piss

Life is a Constant Struggle, Life is an endless battle
I’m tryin to make Life Better
I’m tryin to make it sweeter
When I die I wanna be a sure winner

How can I forget those days, I was detained for ten days
Back in BKK, I did the right thing, but passed the wrong way
I tried to get back up on the horse, try another set of doors
Sometimes these struggles are like modern folklores
I lost hope a million times, I decided to quit a billion times
Every guitar solo, or bass lines, every fiber of my experience
Spawned into these rhymes
I command you to listen, if there’s a time you feel weakened
Remember my words, and you will be strengthened
Coz when it comes to failure, I’m someone who’s been there
A lot of times my friends can’t find me nowhere
I had to leave home, face the world alone
Make the most of life cuz we just don’t know when we’ll be gone

I dug deep into my heart just to get to where I am
I told you right from the start thanks to those who gave us a hand
Even if haters can’t comprehend, 26 double 0 we represent till the end

*Recorded at Samuel's Dungeon"

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