Grizzly Bear - “All We Ask” @ The Pabst Theater: Blue Ribbon Vision #9

Grizzly Bear - "All We Ask"

June 8, 2009 - Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, WI

Our entire staff eagerly awaited Grizzly Bear’s return to the Pabst Theater this past June. Some of you may have been at their previous performance at the theater on October 7th, 2007, despite Wilco playing across town. That evening Grizzly Bear drew a few hundred fans willing to take a chance on a band on the rise rather than a rock and roll heavyweight.

On the eve of their return to the Pabst came the announcement that their new album, Veckatimest, had just debuted at #8 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart. As huge fans of the band, we saw the announcement reason enough to celebrate, so we got them a cake. (

Prior to Grizzly Bear’s return to the theater, we attempted to contact a band representative in hopes of securing a Blue Ribbon Vision video shoot. But with press obligations that come with such a great debut of one of the year’s best albums and a busy tour schedule, we had no luck. On the night of the show, however, as openers Here We Go Magic were winning people over on the Pabst Theater stage, we approached Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor and politely asked if his band would be down for a quick video after the show. Obviously, we were thrilled to hear him say he liked the idea and would check with the rest of the group. After a brief discussion with front man Ed Droste, it was set – they would do it. We were extremely elated and nervous!

We invited some staff and a few fans to wait in the upper balcony after the show for the chance to appear in the video. The anxious fans waited patiently as the band broke down their stage setup, while having no idea what exactly they were sticking around for. With the anticipation building, Ed, Daniel, Christopher and Chris appeared upstairs ready, able. After a few Spotted Cows, we worked out the logistics (where people would sit, what angles to use, what the band would play, etc.); the band performed a stunning version of "All We Ask," among a crowd of (somewhat) inattentive friends and fans in the top balcony. The acoustic rendition of the song is a special treat, as it was omitted from the evening’s set list, not to mention sounding incredible.

photos by: CJ Foeckler

words by: Ryan Matteson & Pete Donahue

Audio edits: Simon Bundy

directed / edited: Erik Ljung

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