BOOMBOX 2009 Planetary Mirror, Hear The Sound, Head Change, Baby Caught My Blues, Honest FM Wakarusa interview

BoomBox band interview and 26-minute 4-song seamless segment Planetary Mirror into Heart The Sound into Head Change into Baby Caught My Blues, recorded live, Wakarusa Festival at Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas, June 6, 2009 in the Ozark mountains, full moon night. Honest FM interview with DGold. Zion Godchaux guitar, vocals. Russ Randolph DJ. Photography by Brian Kisida. Videos by Daniel Gold, Jeremy Scott, Justin Weiss. Quotes from Zion and Russ. Music by Boombox. Audio from Cool Music Network check them out. Radio webcasts and podcast mp3 from Honest.FM and KXUA Fayetteville.

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