"Listen", a short film made as part of a collaboration of works curated by Slamdance Film Festival, examines shortwave radio as a technology that can be utilized not only for communication, but also abstract sound art. Thought of as an obsolete technology in the age of the internet, shortwave is still used around the world by the military, religious organizations, and small pirate news networks. One can also find it in the living rooms and basements of amateur radio enthusiasts. In "Listen," Ingvar Loco Nordin a Swedish sound artist, writer, and student of the renowned composer Carl Heinz Stockhausen breaks down the sounds of shortwave as a poetic electronic medium. Bringing viewers into a world of forgotten and hidden transmissions, buzzing morse code, the abstract hum of pagers, and the coded transmission of coordinates to airlines flying overhead. It's a technology that has a linkage to the greater Milky Way. While solar flares can make clear communication on shortwave difficult, for the artist it's an opportunity to hear an elusive set of tones and crackles. This film was an introduction for me into what I hope to be a more complex understanding of the sounds that surrounds us.

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