Nakusa - Awaken Your Ultrasound Mind

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"Awaken Your Ultrasound Mind" by Nakusa Beat box/vocals/lyrics by Stephen Aerts music: Percussion and sound effects sampled by Cameron Deloney artists and songs sampled: Book 1: Page 25 - Fantômas U-Fig - System Of A Down John, John (Let's Hope For Peace) - Plastic Ono Band Photo used was taken from public domain and edited with photo-shop. Lyrics: Awaken Your Ultrasound Mind!!! "A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world."~John Locke. All the trees their leaves fall off because of the stress when everything turns cold. the leaves leave the yard a mess The trees need to rest and pull themselves together as best they can before the fall the fall stress stress stimulants frustrate and aggravate stress stress Increasing the heart rate. mess mess mess Can't wait for spring break mess mess mess must must must awaken your ultrasound mind. yours and mine yours and mine a sound mind an ultrasound mind an ultra sound state of mind _________________________________ For more about the band, Nakusa, visit
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