The Art of Hearing God

Take an Inside Look at the Art of Hearing God Course

The Art of Hearing God is designed to train students to hear the voice of the Lord and to develop greater intimacy with Him. Courses are generally taught as a three-day intensive sessions.

Syllabus Includes:

- Three Pillars of Prophetic Ministry
- Prophetic Time Periods
- Five Levels of Listening
- Knowing God's Voice
- Practical Tips for Delivering a Word
- Prophetic Servanthood and Authority
- Metaphorical Understanding
- Fellowship of the Spirit
- Spiritual Authority
- Spirit of Lawlessness in the Church
- Role, Purpose, and Function of the Church
- Godward Meditation
- Old and New Testament Terms for "Prophet"
- Distinguishing Between Prophets and Psychics
- Comparison of Left-Brain and Right-Brain Characteristics
- Role, Purpose, and Function of Prophetic Ministry in the Church

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