How to Listen to the Lord (Mark 4:21-34) John MacArthur

Well, let's open our Bibles to Mark chapter 4...Mark chapter 4 and this morning we're going to take a prolonged portion of Scripture. We're going to cover verses 21 to 34. And we could spend more time on these but as you remember, I'm trying to keep us moving through the gospel of Mark and I think it's appropriate for us this morning to take this as one unit so you're going to have to stick with me as we fly a little bit through this section...Mark chapter 4, verses 21 to 34.

Now just prior to this passage, our Lord had given the parable of the soils. Remember that? And He had distinguished two kinds of soils, basically, the kind of soil that produces nothing, that was the first three, hard soil, rocky soil, thorny or weedy soil produces nothing. That is they don't hear the truth of the gospel and respond.

And then He talked about three kinds of good soil that produce 30 fold, 60 fold and a hundred fold in terms of fruitfulness. And then He went on to say the difference between the soils that produce nothing and the soils that are productive is hearing the truth...hearing it, hearing it in the sense that you embrace it and you believe it, and that, of course, is what sets believers apart from non-believers. Non-believers cannot understand the things of God, they do not hear the gospel with believing submissive ears, those who are Christ's do....

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