"DRAG GAMES" started "whether a drag race is freely impossible by the machine which runs a street", and to the concept.
Although holding was shelved under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake last year, DRAG GAMES which will be Sendai Highland which has the only course only for a drag race despite 1/8 mile in Japan this year, and will be the 5th time last 9.16 was held.
I can hear also from the number of entries of 150 sets which gathered from the Japan whole country about the high popularity of DRAG GAMES.
Entry qualifications are Harley/Buell, UNLIMITED(reconstruction -- unrestricted)/PRO STREET(with no displacement volume restrictions with number)/SUPER STREET(it is 1580 cc or less with number)/SUPER VINTAGE STREET (with a number a shovel or before)
/VINTAGE STREET which is included as for the external old company type engine (they are the H-D vehicles before a shovel with a number.)
shovel 1340cc -- a pan-head or before -- less than 20% of stock displacement volume
A crankcase is /STOCK STREET (a displacement volume & engine can be changed after EVO to a stock and air-intake-and-exhaust ignition with a number) restricted to a H-D authentic positive one.
However, TC96, SS1200S, and other injection vehicles are classified into six classes that change of air-intake-and-exhaust ignition is possible.
We will send the animation of DRAG GAMES of a full throttle, adrenalin full open, and force here to you from zero start.

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