Andrew Sweeny: Why are you Sleeping?

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DOWNLOAD ANDREW'S SONGS at Please play in 480p mode for Best Results "His head rose to meet the glance and then sunk back onto his chest as if in a deep sleep. But to him it seemed as if that pale and lovely Hermes out there was smiling at him, beckoning him; as if he, taking his hand from his side, was pointing at and floating into that promising immensity" -----Thomas Mann "Death in Venice" Why are you Sleeping This great tree seems to be weeping It seems to we weeping and shedding its burden And my love she seems to be sleeping beside the bridge of sighs in the city of lights the river moving quickly she seems to be dreaming she seems to reflect the sky that seems to broken why are you sleeping why are you sleeping whay are you so cold This piece of meat on a butchers block that once was a dancer that once was a giver this peice of meat Now immobile Once moved throught the grass Like a antelope She seems to be with me She seems to caress me She seems to bless me With a body of extacy and stars But something is missing She seems to be sleeping She seems to be sleeping She seems to be sleeping
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