Reign of Lies - White Noise [Official Music Video]

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Download Reign of Lies latest album "The New Empire" at Visit for tour dates, news and merch. Subscribe to more new music on Youtube- Facebook- Twitter- Soundcloud- Tumblr- Instagram- Tour Dates- "White Noise" Lyrics: I pray, I beg, I try to find my own world No sun, no god, why can't you hear my prayer You're good, you're bad Why did you steel all my dreams It's time to sleep, It's time to sleep, It's time to sleep, I don't want You come, you play, you watch, you smell You say, you love, you touch, I'm confused I don't wanna play, I don't wanna play, I don't wanna play anymore Why don't you just read me a story Now I am afraid want you to stop Why, now I know All the things you have done to me Destroyed my life for ever You're too selfish to face the reality Just kill yourself Oh sorry motherfucker I guess you don't have enough balls To end your life But you know how to use them With innocent people and fuck their dreams You win the game, you win the game, you win the game I live to, I live to see you dying, suffering I'm gonna end your pleasure for ever.
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