SSSP Overview

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An introduction to a series of short videos demonstrating the computer music system developed at the University of Toronto in the late 1970s, The Structured Sound Synthesis Project. This clip provides a brief overview of the system, the project, and its objectives. The system broke down into 3 components, each supporting a different phase of the musical "pipeline", composition, orchestration and live performance. See the companion clips which demonstrate the tools used for each of these three phases. RELATED VIDEOS: Score Editing with Scriva: Sound Editing with Objed: Live Performance with Conduct: Performance Excerpt: SSSP Closing Thoughts: Coda - The Katosizer: Refs: Buxton, W. (1978). Design Issues in the Foundation of a Computer- Based Tool for Music Composition. Technical Report CSRG-97. Toronto: University of Toronto. Buxton, W. & Fedorkow, G. (1978). The Structured Sound Synthesis Project (SSSP): an Introduction. Technical Report CSRG-92, Toronto: University of Toronto.
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