The Signal

Please watch in fullscreen with the scaling set to off for best viewing experience.
An alien interface is searching the universe for intelligence when it comes up with a powerful signal. The signal is tracked, scaled down, analyzed, cleared from noise and inside its channels two images are found. But the alien technology took the analysis too far, singing and music that were not part of the signal started emerging...

The 3D point clouds where created by means of structured light scanning using a DSLR and a projector
casting structured patterns onto the subjects.
For the first part of the video, where the first noisy figures emerge, the images where converted to sound.
So the first noisy point clouds are created in 3D space purely by the sound you hear as they are forming.

The subjects are Spiros Pagiatakis & Iraklis Gialatsides also known as "a band apart".
Music by "a band apart". Track "Reefer Madness" which is unreleased and part of a new
"a band apart" album which is in the making.

Thanks to Kyle McDonald for the great code and method for structured light scanning.
"Processing" open source software was used for generating the 3D point cloud data.

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