This Mozart for Baby does relax and makes my baby sleep like an angel !

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Every wednesday a new baby video! Please Subscribe! What a beautiful video with Mozart's best melodies arranged for baby relax, and because is a long track I can leave this video while my baby sleeps. Great help for mums and the best relax for my baby. SUBSCRIBE: Twitter: Web: Recommended Videos for your Babies Mozart for Babies Bach for Babies 2 hours of classical music with the Baby Orchestra 8 hours of Baby Music with relaxing visual effects More links you will find useful for your baby: 8 hours of classical music 9 hours Lullaby with the Baby orchestra 10 hours lullaby with the Baby Orchestra A short bedtime story and after that 2 hours of baby music 1 Hour of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats short story Old Celtic Lullabies Daddy singing a lullaby Baby relaxing music with animated jumping Sheeps Enjoy this excellent Disney song (from the movie Frozen): "“Let it go"" Disney Channel
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