Hi everyone. Well here it is, the final fine edit of the film clip for my son Kiaren's documentary 'Windows and Corridors'.

As many of you already know Kiaren is awaiting an urgent liver transplant that could happen any day now. We are currently trying to raise the funds to be able to follow Kiaren documentary style through the lead up and recovery process of this incredibly challenging experience ahead. For me as Director and also as his father.....this is going to be the hardest job I have ever done in my life.

He is very ill.....and very brave. It was at his urging that I decided to do this documentary. He wants to raise the awareness of everyone to the idea of organ donor registration. I thought that a music clip could do the job very well. Kiaren is the motivating force behind this project and as such it is HIS project. Kiaren Grae..... Executive Producer.

I just know I love this young man and his equally extraordinary brother Daniel who wrote and sang this incredible song. The boys have become very close while working on this clip and the great news is that Kiaren has decided that he too wants to explore being in a band and singing.
Thanks to Travis Mc Carthy [guitar] and of course the ever present and fantabulous Mr Donny Gall on drums. The band is called 'Mondays Not Home'.

What a fantastic recording session....both my sons together for the VERY FIRST TIME in their lives. Extraordinary energy.

The brilliant electric rhythm and lead guitars are by my great friend Mike Foster of Avalanche [USA] The bass guitar is played by a lady player called Stephanie Krowka..... thanks Stephanie and Mike, awesome work.
As you can tell from all that, I LOVE THIS SONG!!

All camera work is a normal consumer level camcorder the JVC GZ-HD7. It was all the hospital would allow in the wards and treatment rooms. The lighting is fluorescent hospital light in all the hospital footage. Some indoor shots are lit with my small light kit, others are natural window light. The sound and band recording is recorded at my home studio where the editing also happened.
My good friend Chris Bishop showed me what can be done with Magic Bullet Looks [fantastic] and a sincere thank you to him for that. We will do a clean up of the footage with that software when we can afford to do it.

Please help by sending this link to anyone you feel would like to see and hear it. Alternatively you can embed it on your websites if you wish to.

If it is not your idea that organ or blood donation is a good thing, then we respect your thoughts and thank you for at least reading this.
From Kiaren, Daniel, our extended families and myself.... WE THANK YOU.

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