From Here To There: A Band Documentary of The Next T-Shirt

During the 10 month process of recording the debut album ourselves at home for our three-piece band, The Next T-Shirt, I followed each step with my video camera in tow to document the trials and tribulations of being an indie rock band.

I'll be forever grateful that I took the time to capture and edit these memories of Keith Trusler, Clayton Wolsey and myself during this period of our lives - it was an incredible journey.

I still believe in my heart of hearts that the songs we created together between 2002 and 2006 was beautiful, unique and important music and it will be one of my deepest regrets that we did not understand at the time how to push ourselves and our sound further into public view.

It is in this spirit that I am proud to offer you the opportunity to download the entire musical calendar of The Next T-shirt for FREE by visiting my website

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from here to there,


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