A short 20min.Meditation in Nature-Soothing Sounds of Birdsong-Birds Singing-Relaxation

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HD Audio And Video Downloads. Thank you for supporting my project of sending moments of peace and calm out into the world by sharing this tranquil video with your friends and followers. You never know who or why someone will find this video helpful in their often stressful lives. An exercise for you to try in mindfulness meditation. Use this nature sounds video soundscape to practice mindfulness meditation. When you set the video playing, focus all of your attention on what you see and hear, listen to the nature sounds as they are and witness the image of the tree and forest in the background, exclude the sounds and images of the space around you, focus on this video only. Try to remain present with the sounds and images used in this video, don’t attach any emotions or feelings to what you see and hear. Just observe, do this for several minutes or as long as you comfortably can. Now take a short break and this time allow yourself to be completely absorbed in the video for several minutes, feel the cool breeze as it passes through this beautiful and tranquil native Irish woodland. Hear the birdsong around you, also, if you can imagine the scent of a forest on a warm early summers day. Imagine yourself sitting beneath an old oak tree looking at this scene as you listen to these soothing nature sounds. Become emotionally attached to what you see and hear. You should notice quite a difference between these two exercises, with practice, during the first you should feel nothing, you are just observing, whereas in the second if you enjoy nature and leave yourself open to your thoughts and feelings you will feel quite strong positive emotions. This exercise will show you that you can witness what happens around you in different ways. By observing only, you don’t take on the energy (positive or negative) of what occurs around you, whereas in the second exercise you allowed yourself to feel and think about what you witnessed. You can learn to use this technique to prevent yourself taking on the negative energy of certain situations which over time can build up as stress within your body and mind, which can ultimately lead to illness. Mindfulness meditation is something you can and should practice everyday, your life will, according to research be better because of it. Video playlists you may find interesting:- Classical Music with Nature Relaxation, 8 Hours of Nature Sounds Natural Sleep Aid Sounds Natural Recordings of Birds Singing Recordings of Natural Water Sounds Pet Therapy Sounds Music and Nature for Relaxation Sounds of the Sea William Butler Yeats Poetry Readings My Complete Collection of Uploads to Youtube My Youtube Channel
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