Zach Deputy - You Don’t Even Love That Girl

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Zach Deputy is heavily influenced by Caribbean and Latin styles, but in recent years has been working hard at sculpting his own brand of music by working soul, R&B, and blues into his repertoire. While the feel of Zach Deputy that fans have fallen in love with has remained intact, Deputy has taken significant strides from being labeled as just another one-man band.

His most recent album, “Another Day,” is a showcase of this transformation, as a full backing band supports the solo artist on an LP that took only five days to record, at Mission Sound Recording in Brooklyn, N.Y.

A native of South Carolina, Zach Deputy tours relentlessly with over 250 performances a year. Most take place on the camping festival circuit, where his self described “Island-infused Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul” is known to get crowds moving. Using looping machines, Deputy manages to get a rich, textured sound developed during his live events, full of bass, guitar, keyboards, steel drums, and whatever else he can manage to fit in.

As more and more people hear word about Zach Deputy and his high-energy live performances, crowd sizes have grown and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Dedicated to his art to the point of practically living between a small box truck and hotel stops, Deputy shows...

Check out the full session at !

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