SPSG and SP Host Yamakiya Taiko Club, a drum band from Fukushima, Japan

Taiko means “drums” in Japanese, and on Tuesday, April 10, students at the St. Paul’s Schools had the opportunity to hear the music of the award-winning Yamakiya Taiko Club, from Fukushima, Japan, and to meet the Japanese members of this musical group.

All Yamakiya Taiko Club members are elementary/high school students who performed for students at both SPSG and SP. The St. Paul’s Schools were chosen to host the Taiko Club because of both schools’ excellent Japanese-language programs. In addition, SPSG and SP have been committed to Japanese exchanges since the early 1990s.

The Yamakiya Taiko Club, comprised of 13 boys and girls from the earthquake-devastated region of Japan, visited classes at both schools. Click here to watch a short video clip of the drummers showing our girls how to play.

The Yamakiya Taiko Club is in the United States as part of the Tomodachi Initiative, which is sponsored by the Japan-American Society of Washington, D.C., and spearheaded by JET, the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program. The Tomodachi Initiative is a joint outreach to the people impacted by the earthquake/tsunami/radiation that hit the Japanese coastline last year. The Taiko Club will participate in Washington’s Cherry Blossom Festival and perform at the Kennedy Center between April 11 and April 17.

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