Ocean View - 1 Full Hour HD - Cruise Ship Balcony

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Ever wonder what it's like to have an ocean view balcony on a cruise ship? This entire video is unedited, and complete with all the random surprising sounds you may hear from a balcony view (it's not always perfect ocean sounds). There was a light shower that occurred not but 20 minutes before this video, so that's why you may hear some water dripping. I wanted to record this so I could have a long HD version of the ocean going by to play on the TV at home. I used my iPhone 5s and just put it on the ledge above the balcony door, anchored to the light bubble so it wouldn't budge and stay steady.. though if you pay attention, you can see the ship slightly rocking. If you need permission to use this video somewhere, just ask. I usually just ask for credit in the video. Just email me: truewalk at gmail dot com (that's an email address). Footage Info: Ship: Freedom of the Seas Room: Room 8430 (Balcony, Starboard) Date: Friday, July 18, 2014 Time: Started this at about 4:13pm EST Speed: ~19.5 kts Course: 305° Position: 22'24.10' N, 069'49.71' W Winds: 21mph from SE Cruise: Eastern Caribbean (traveling from St Maaren VI to Port Canveral, FL)
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