1 Hour Rainforest Jungle Nature Sounds (gibbons, birds, crickets) - Relaxation, Focus, Meditation

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This recording is meant to enhance focus and concentration, as well as to facilitate meditation and relaxation. It can also be used as a background soundscape for studying, working, and sleeping. There is no music in this recording other than the music of nature. The recording contains two parts, both recorded at the same location in the early morning and night. The first part is a kind of preparation for deeper focus. This is where you can clear your mind and begin to transition to a higher level of thought and consciousness. Here you'll hear rhythmic birds and crickets, an occasional fish jumping, and the haunting but beautiful sounds of gibbons. The second part is the night sequence, with the sounds of leaves from a gentle breeze, crickets, and an occasional bird chirp. At this point you can let yourself move deeper into meditation, concentration, relaxation or sleep. Possible uses for this recording: focus & concentration enhancement, yoga & meditation sessions, healing ceremonies, relaxation, spa, and sleeping. Subscribe: NOTES ON THE RECORDING AND VIDEO: The pictures you see in the video were taken at the exact location of the recording, which was done in the Khoa Sok National Forest in Thailand in March 2016. Khoa Sok is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. In this recording there were at least three different gibbon families. The closest one was about 200 meters away. The field recording was done by Callistella's Matthew John Dorman, PhD, using two professional small diaphragm condenser microphones set up in an X/Y configuration. Copyright 2016 Ameiva Media Ltd.
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