Relax with Real Nature Sounds from Costa Rica (30 minutes)

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-Relax or meditate. Nature sounds have multiple benefits on the human body and soul. -Listening to 1/2 hour of nature sounds a day can reduce stress up to 400% -This 1/2 hour represents 24 hours inside the Costa Rican RainForest. Every 8 minutes a soft transition is made from Dawn - Noon - Dusk - Midnight. Just close your eyes and let yourself get wrapped by the magic of GreenNoise. In addition, every 4 minutes a new photograph and a new quote will let you relax deeper and deeper. -GreenNoise is a 4 man project dedicated to document the Real Nature Sounds of the CostaRican RainForest! Our goal is to take the voice of nature around the world, let people discover the importance of Mother Nature's magic. -Please share, comment and be part of the change. For more information visit our page: You can also follow us on facebook (htttp://­, twitter (@GreenNoiseCR) and instagram (@GreenNoise)
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