Seear Playground Teaser

We’d never have guessed that a tiny comment on Behance would trigger the start of a new assignment, which makes SEEAR Playground’s Teaser all the more special to us. Created & curated by designer Stavros Kypraios, SEEAR derives from the words see and hear, and it’s a project in which “young designers and musicians collaborate to produce audiovisual art to communicate through both major human senses”. SEEAR’s 2nd year theme was “Playground”, and the task for all was to create artwork based on the most popular answers to the survey: “What was your favorite childhood game?” Heavily inspired by Gary Taxali’s illustration style, we decided to go back to the roots too, and create a video that’s as much an introduction to SEEAR as it is a small tribute to the nostalgic, halftone world of old.

Production: Monologue
Original Score: Ted Reglis
Inspired by: Gary Taxali

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