The Mic Mac Prophecies: The Beginning of the World

David Sanipass is a member of the Mic Mac Nation in Maine. He is a husband, father, story-teller, teacher, flute maker and player, carpenter and friend to many. In his tribe and family, a series of parables were handed down orally for hundreds of years. These came to be known in his tradition as 'prophecies.' David felt lead to discuss the wisdom of these prophecies with the Dalai Lama and after many years of trying to meet with him, he finally got a chance. It was after the Dalai Lama heard these prophecies he told David he should make a film about them. I have called it, "The Mic Mac Prophecies: The Beginning of the World." So many prophecies from Nostradamus to those interpreted from the Mayan Calendar seem to predict doom or the end of the world. These prophecies are different. Since I haven't heard all of them, you can, along with me, discover how.

David has co-written a play based on the prophecies. And this video is from a brief interview I taped with him in late January 2012. It's an introduction. I have not added all the name title cards or opening title card as this is just a rough cut. Please let me know how you feel. Thanks for watching.

(Off screen you sometimes hear my voice or the voice of my cousin Steve Klarer who introduced me to David and who came with me to help with the interview. Thanks Steve! and more importantly - thanks David!)

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