Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band Decideā€¦ The Fate Of A Good Man

Christopher the Conquered has always been the primary outlet for the musical explorations of Iowa songwriter Chris Ford, but The Fate Of Good Man marks an important moment in the evolution of the project, as it is the first album to feature a full band, with Ford staying firmly seated at The Piano. He’s backed strongly by The Black Gold Brass Band, which is featured heavily on the album, with songs arranged to rise and fall with the energy of the five-piece horn section. Joining them is a rhythm section built with bass, drums, and guitar, along with Ford’s keys.

For this collection, Ford has written songs as he’s always written songs, using wit and humor to make startlingly real observations of his environment, both Within and Without. As You, the Listener, are no doubt a part of that environment, expect to find yourself placed squarely at the center of each song.

You Are The Good Man.

The difference here, and where The Fate Of A Good Man makes huge advances over Ford’s previous outings, is in the conciseness of the lyrics. When Words have said what they can say, he uses Sound to say the rest. Ford’s reliance on a strong backing band performing almost entirely live in the studio results in moments of spontaneous beauty and moments of downright weirdness, often at the same time; a prime example of the possibility of Sound.

Be ready to hear something New. Something that has been searching for you for quite a long time, and will be happy to finally be held in your arms. Expect to smile and maybe laugh. Perhaps you’ll cry, if you are the type that tends to do so.

Maximum Ames Records is truly ecstatic and proud to present, in the highest quality possible, another beautiful piece of Iowa Art: The Fate Of A Good Man.

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