“Life Remodeled” Fundraiser Concert ( Clips of Band to Perform: ApologetiX )

"Life Remodeled" has the 'parody' band "ApologetiX" coming in to play for their fundraiser on MARCH 16, 2012 at Landmark Community Church in Hazel Park, Michigan. The concert will start at 7 pm and will end sometime after 9 pm. (This is a 'family-friendly' event).

This is the 20th year ApologetiX has been doing parodies of popular songs, and has created over 250 of them during that time.

This event will help raise funds to build 7 NEW HOMES this summer in some of the most needy areas of the Detroit Metro area. They are currently in the development phase.

For more information, visit our event web site:

[ Mobile site: ]

"Life Remodeled" is a 'movement' that takes a 'holistic' approach to impacting a needy family's housing situation, but at the same time also transforms the surrounding neighborhood and gets the whole community involved.

To learn more info about "Life Remodeled," and see a trailer of a documentary of the first family that was 'remodeled', and the house that was built for them in Westland, Michigan (in April 2011), visit our web site:

To hear more of the band ApologetiX, visit their web site at:
or their iTunes site:

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