Freedom Hawk - Into Your Mind (2015) (New Full Album)

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Emanating from the barrier dunes of Virginia, Freedom Hawk’s heavy riffs, rolling groove, and soulful guitar melodies to produce a sound that is distinctly their own. The trio’s brand of heavy rock capitalizes on the best of the heavy ‘70s, but presents a fuzzy take that’s modern and based around quality songwriting rather than style-over-substance retro posturing. 70’s oriented Stoner/Doom Metal is definitely a hot commodity in all parts of the world. Although it’s cautiously approaching over-exposure parameters, remember that trios like Virginia’s Freedom Hawk started in these waters back in 2003 – establishing their abilities before the genre really got crowded. Their second, self-titled full length is a personal favorite, also achieving album of the month accolades in many prominent European metal magazines. It’s been four years since their last studio album, so “Into Your Mind” as their fourth full-length strives to keep the band’s premiere songwriting and performances on par with the back catalog. Keeping the focus on refined, hook-oriented chord progressions and the semi-Ozzy Osbourne oriented crooning of guitarist T.R. Morton, these 10 songs remind me of everything from Black Sabbath to Kyuss, and Clutch, to 90’s era Corrosion Of Conformity. The lead break in “Journey Home” has multiple layers and harmonies that just bring the catchiness up to classic levels – while the subtle drum rolls from Lenny Hines and psychedelic chord choices make “Waterfall” another masterpiece. Sometimes the band doesn’t have to be heavy in a distortion sense to get their point across – check out the clean, echoing guitar strains that mirror the English to Southern Rock number “Beyond Our Reach”, while the follow up title track has that Clutch-like stomp and Thin Lizzy harmonic nature that gives the music more of a Native American cultural touch. Combining Soul, Blues, Hard Rock, and Stoner Metal makes this three-piece not only dynamically diverse but quite enticing in musical chemistry. Keeping the sonic display at that same earthy platform as their stylistic base, “Into Your Mind” sees Freedom Hawk at the top of their game – and should be essential listening for those who love organic records that reflect the roots of the Hard Rock/Metal genres. 1. Blood Red Sky - 2. Journey Home - 3. Lost In Space - 4. On Your Knees - 5. Waterfall - 6. Radar - 7. Beyond Our Reach - 8. Into Your Mind - 9. The Line - 10. All Because Of You - Support Freedom Hawk by purchasing the album here ~ Freedom Hawk Facebook Page ~
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