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Our Story

My name is James Webber, I’m the writer/director of 'Driftwood', an 8 minute short film shooting in London this March. Stories of adversity have always fascinated me - how people from difficult backgrounds, with limited means, strive to achieve their dreams. It’s the passion behind these stories that has inspired me to make 'Driftwood'.

"A life that hasn't a definite plan, is likely to become driftwood." - David Sarnoff

'Driftwood' is the story of Sam, a teenage swimming prodigy, whose life operates in two very different worlds: one of talent and achievement at the dawn of his sporting career, the other of fear and torment in his home and social life.

Having lost his mother at an early age, Sam suffers verbal and mental abuse from his alcoholic, depressive father who resents him for his talents. He also struggles with unrelenting taunts and physical bullying from a local gang. Sam finds an outlet and escape through swimming. The close bond and encouragement from his trainer, his focus, dedication and extreme hard work give him the confidence to tackle his problems and achieve his dreams.

Our Goal

We intend to create a high-concept, high-quality short film which will appeal to a diverse audience. It champions the success, potential and spirit of the world of sports endeavour, as the 2012 Olympic Games come to London.

We will target major international festivals, including those that qualify for Oscar shortlisting. 'Driftwood' already has a world-class crew and production team attached, that showcase the best of British independent film-making talent from production design to cinematography. The locations are real and urban, the design is detailed, the narrative is moving and relevant. On top of that, every aspect of the production will make this film a visually stunning experience…

But quality costs money. And this is why we need your help!

We are not settling for the usual ‘expenses only’ deal too often used by short films, scrimping on production standards and talent is not an option. With this funding we can achieve our realistic, yet modest budget and make this film the best that it can be.

What We Need & What You Get

There are loads of perks on offer. From screening tickets or dinner with us, to concept art prints and IMDb Executive Producer credits.

Some private funding is already secured, but it is this crowd funding campaign that will decide whether or not 'Driftwood' gets made.

The funds will pay for the following:

Camera equipment hire (ARRI Alexa)

Underwater filming kit (the stunning underwater shots planned are essential for this film but kit for this doesn’t come cheap)


An exceptional cast

Crew and production

Custom-made props and costumes

Catering and on-set essentials


Permits, council agreements/admin fees

Festival submissions


DVDs and deliverables (master-tapes)

Other Ways You Can Help

It’s not just about the funding, you can help us by spreading the word. And we’d love to hear from you.

Please visit our website:

You can also join in the 'Driftwood 'discussions, get involved and talk to production team on Twitter by using the official hashtag #DriftwoodFilm

Thank you so much for getting involved!

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