The Groves- Weigh On

This is the song "Weigh On" by The Groves.
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The Groves’ debut album, In Season, released March 19th under Gnomic Records, represents the germination of the newly formed, Tampa, Florida based band. The album forges The Groves’ musical pathway defined by a deep history as friends and family.

Throughout In Season the band delivers a broad range of musical styles and interesting sonic landscapes shaped by guitarist Travis Bourguignon and the lyrics of lead vocalist and guitarist Justin Brown. Touching on common desires and questions that we all face in life, the songs on the album introduce the listener to The Groves’ sound; inspired by the enduring nature and vibrancy of their collective ‘home’—the century-old Arrowhead Farm.

The punctual, resounding, rhythm section of cousins Lane Smith and Jana Jones, plants the vital seed from which each song blossoms, exuding a drive and attention to detail that the listener will appreciate, exciting their ears at every turn. One may hear hints of Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket or even The Black Keys, but on their debut The Groves stay true to their sound that continues to develop.

With many successful live performances throughout the Tampa Bay area—including a music festival at Arrowhead Farm with over 1,200 attendees—The Groves continue to build on their foundation as a band and the musical journey that is only beginning.

This music video was produced and filmed by 3Square Studios. A special thanks to the band and everyone who contributed. It was a lot of fun!

Director of Photography: Dylan Melcher

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