James & Xin Yi SDE (HD)

This is an outstanding group of “gate crashing” best men. The bride-to-be & the fellow bridesmaids have totally no idea how’s James was going to do it.

“Honk honk honk….!!” a large group of best men came to Xin Yi’s house with their respective cars. The first person who came out of the vehicle wasn’t the groom but a “Bear”. The “Bear” started to lead the group and shouted out loud with their slogans as if there was a riot. After awhile, the bridal car has finally arrived but again the bridegroom wasn’t there. The bridesmaids were fooled and they’d lost their patience so much so that they snatched the handheld megaphone from the “Bear”, LOL!

Next, the best men fired the firecrackers, only then we hear the guttural rumbling sound of Harley-Davidson motorbikes from far. Here he comes!! James, the bridegroom and his mates came with six Harleys. Such appearance was just way too awesome!

Date: 18th Dec 2011
Location: Mutiara Damansara-Bdr Utama Damansara
Videographer:DesmondKew & Kyle Keong KC
Coordinator:Catherine Lee
Editor: DesmondKew & Paul Kong
Photographer: Paul Kong (
Song: I'm Yours by Jason Marz (acoustic version)

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