Making Of “Sollmann” – 3D Mystery Game

Visual artist Marcel van Eeden and game developer Jorrit de Vries created a short, third-person, 3D mystery game that challenges preconceived notions of the traditional game avatar. In Sollmann (Part 1: The Harbour), the main character is poisoned at the start of the game and gradually loses his ability to see, hear and move.

Set in a 1940′s WWII harbour setting, the game’s narrative, its main characters and the most significant objects, such as the ship the Cornelia Maersk, were adapted from previous projects by van Eeden, thus tying in the game with Van Eeden’s larger body of work. Van Eeden’s analogue pencil drawings have been painstakingly translated to a 3D game environment by De Vries.

A Split Second
Sollmann (Part 1: The Harbour) is one of three short video games developed as part of the  game research project A Split Second – a collaboration between Submarine Channel and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. “Sollmann” was made possible with the support of the Dutch Game Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, SNS REAAL, VSB Fund and Submarine Channel.

Artwork: Marcel van Eeden
Game development: Jorrit de Vries
Sound design: Raoul Matheron

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