If You’re Willing (The Healing of the Blind Man, the Mute, the Leper, the Man Born Lame)

Painting: Christ Healing The Blind by El Greco (public domain)

Music and Lyrics by mattbeem (c)2011

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I’ve been told when I was young I had a mother and a father
But that was long ago and so I struggle to remember
I was sickly and a burden so they turned me to these streets
Where I cry out day and night (if I do not, I do not eat)

I’ve heard the whisper of the crowd, I know how they speak of me
That I deserve all this somehow, that I’m a blight upon society
That I’m all the proof they need our God has turned away
And left us as a shepherd leaves a sheep that’s gone astray

It’s not the pain of my deformity that causes me to weep
But the ever-present knowledge I will never be complete
That prayer and priest have failed to offer any small relief
Except to sit and hope that someday soon the earth will open up and swallow me

There’s a man I’ve never met, but I have heard
They say he walks upon the waves and stops the wind with just a word
That demons weep and tremble at the very sight of him
But there's healing for the humble and forgiveness for their sin

Some say that he’s a prophet, some say Beelzebub,
Some say the hope of Israel, God’s Annointed One.
Now I am not a learned man, and I know not from whence he came
But if only he would pass my way, I would call his name

Son of God, Jesus Christ, by your power give me sight
I believe I could see, hear my plea; restore my life
Son of David, Son of Man, by your power make me stand
I believe in your mercy you could make me walk again

Gold and silver, I have none, nothing to repay you with
For you know I am just a beggar burdened by the wage of sin
But, Lord, I’m certain you can do this, if you’re willing, make me clean and
Everything that I possess is yours if you would set me free

My broken spirit, my wasted life, this body ravaged by disease
Take as much as you would like for I have no more use for these
Blood and fever; bruise and seizure, every sore and open wound
A mind that’s filled with unbelief, do with all these as you choose
Because if what they say of you is true, all this and more I give to you
Take it, take it all and show the world what a mighty God can do

I am not my sickness
I am not my condition
I am the rightful heir of a covenant promise
I am the seed of Abraham
That is who I am
That is who I am
That is who I am

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