VideoMic Pro 18” ring light Final Cut Pro X test

Upon request, my answer to a question being posed by @jc to several web folks for

I used the opportunity to test three things I've not used before:

1) Rode VideoMic Pro ( used as a boom mic
2) 18" ring light (
3) Final Cut Pro X

The Rode VideoMic was mounted on a stand as if it were a boom mic, about 16" from my voice. It performed well but obviously picked up some of the echoing off the wall behind me (especially noticeable at the start). Also, when I make a '2' with my hand, you can hear the sound deflected.

The 18" ring light was pretty easy to set up and shoot with. I guess it's more a stylistic decision than anything else, but it did light the frame nicely.

And Final Cut Pro X? It wasn't as much of a disappointment as I was expecting, given all the negative reviews. The 'black & white', 'hard light', and 'sharpen' video effects were applied. The audio was adjusted using 10-band EQ and the 'hum reduction' effect.

Shot on Canon 7D with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens.

UPDATE: Here's another test, this time with the camera off-center:

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