Relaxing, Healing Sounds of Nature - Running Water and Birds Singing for Relaxation

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Relaxing sounds of water and bird songs to chill out to. A small running brook with bird sounds filmed in East Sussex UK during Winter-time. A relaxing video of the sounds of nature to help relax the body and mind. This video could be seen as being within the following categories; relaxing music, relaxing, best relaxing music, relaxing sounds, relaxing pictures, relaxing techniques, relaxation music, relaxing meditation, relaxing meditation music, relaxing video relaxing scenes, relaxing images, spiritual music, music for studying, music for learning, background music, music for meditation, music to relax, instrumental music, study music, music for homework, yoga music, spiritual music, ambient music, relax daily, slow music, piano music, soothing music, peaceful music, beautiful music, de-stress music, sleep music, relaxing music, Zen music, massage music, spa music, soft music, slow music, anti-stress music, healing music, wellness music, piano music, guitar music, mood music, tranquil music, peaceful music, slow background music, music for meditation, study music, relax daily, homework music relaxing, ambient music for studying, music for relax, soft instrumental music, soft music, peaceful tunes, soft tunes, peaceful background music, peace music, positive background music, soothing background music, soothing music, relaxing study music, music Zen, slow music instrumental, background music instrumental, Artist/Composer: Gaia - Disclaimer - Licence
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