Remembering World of Warcraft: A Nostalgic Music Mix [Study & Chill]

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A journey through some the most nostalgic tracks from World of Warcraft and its expansions (up to MoP). ** NEW & IMPROVED 2016 version will be released with the Legion expansion. Subscribe so you don't miss it! ** Tracklist: Intro Magnificent Desolation Shalandis Isle Part 1: World of Warcraft, vanilla flavour Darnassus Teldrassil Dun Morogh Elwynn Forest Thunder Bluff Elders' Hearth Stranglethorn Vale Shimmering Flats Burning Steppes Part 2: The Burning Crusade, into the portal Shards of the Exodar Azuremyst Isle Eversong Woods Crimson Hall Hellfire Outland Suite Mag'har Nagrand Night Terokkar Forest Netherstorm Part 3: Wrath of the Lich King, the Golden Age To The End Of The Earth The Kalu'ak Howling Fjord Day Howling Fjord Night Grizzly Hills Day Path Of Tears Mountains Of Thunder Winter's Grasp Ulduar - Four Sigils Crystalsong Garden Of Life Light's Hammer Icecrown Citadel Invincible Part 4: Cataclysm, mourning Azeroth Defenders Of Azeroth Ruins of Auberdine Vashjir Naga Tanaris Cold Mountain Stonetalon Call Of The Elements Moonglade Feralas Whispering Forest Faerie Dragon Event Mount Hyjal Nightsong Part 5: Mists of Pandaria, the end of my journey Jade Forest The Golden Lotus The Traveler's Path Why Do We Fight Way of the Monk Outro Magnificent Desolation B
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