Zen Garden - 1 hr. Infinite Flowing Waters- Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation

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The peaceful setting of a Zen Garden- infinite flowing water in a Tetsubachi purification basin. Enjoy the meditational serenity, and the pure mindfulness that comes from the peaceful tranquility of running water. Silence is golden…and may lengthen your life span. The modern world has a way of turning up the artificial noise level far too loud and for far too long. Every day our senses are bombarded by unhealthy noise and visual pollution; and over time we become far too acclimated. The effects of audio and visual related stress still show up in blood tests, physicals, and have consistently been shown to lower IQ on performance tests. There is every indication that industrial noise and visual pollution will even shorten our lives. It’s the new second-hand smoke. So turn off all those mechanical, city, kitchen, noise polluting sources, all those meaningless visual intrusions and overwhelming stimuli and start to savor a moment of nature’s quiet blanket of peace and tranquility. Take a moment to listen to the quiet sounds of nature. Enjoy a quiet solitude of Koi in a Zen Garden, a waterfall in Yosemite, blue clouds forming and reforming against a blue sky, a lone lighthouse in the distance, all these moments captured in nature…perfectly suited to mask the industrial noises and visual pollution that assault our senses day after day. Just a moment could change your life and heal you. The Relaxation Channel- Take a moment…you may live longer. More tags: Zen, yoga, Buddha, meditation, quiet, sleep, insomnia, stress, stress reduction, de-stress, bliss, relaxation, trance, hypnotic, hypnotica, soundtrack, lucid, lucid dreaming, dream, alpha waves, delta waves, beta waves, healing, anti-depressant, space, space out, new age, nature sounds, soundscape, background, landscape, calming, infinite, inner peace, peacefulness, peace, serenity, scenery, scenic, pastoral, nature, studying, tranquilize, mindfulness, chill out, spa, massage, cleansing, purification, rejuvenation, Buddha, mantra, spiritual, temple, chakra, worship
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