MUSIC FOR RELAXATION And Meditation Part 22 / Walk in late autumn

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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( by: relaxing music. Instrumental music Relaxation music is one of the tools to help relaxation . Of course relaxation ( deep relaxation of the muscular system , nervous system and psyche ) can perform such in silence, whether in nature. However, relaxation music can be in this regard, an important aid . When we listen for a while quiet , soothing music interlaced eg noise of the waves - after some time, we feel somehow reassured and much more inmates in itself. Relaxation tool may be focusing on the breath , or mean ( affirmation , suggestions for action relaxation ) . But also a tool for observation and recollection can be relaxing music . It helps if the calm is muted , regenerated (that is, in general relaxation) . Relaxation music can on the one hand we use as a background for the implementation of any other relaxation or meditation ( you can even listen to her and at the same time to perform meditation, observation , awareness , etc. ) and may be the object of focus in itself. Just a lot of people like to perform relaxation, when the speaker subtly filtered relaxing music and focus on the sounds are coming to one of the varieties of meditation (meditation listening to the sounds ) . When you just observe and listen to the music flowing in the air , being attentive and not thinking about anything - we do some kind of meditation and relaxation .
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