Exotic Birds Sounds Compilation - Nature Sounds for Meditation - Birds chirping, singing

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High quality compilation of exotic birds sounds. 19 Tracks with birds chirping and singing in wildlife, at different locations like the mountain, the forest, near a creek, and more. Use this bird sounds as music for meditation, or, if you have a bird, you can use it as music for birds. List of birds you will listen in this birds sounds compilation: Golden oriole Lintu Redwing Greenfinch Linnut Redstart Wood pigeon Blackbird Bullfinch Wood warbler Kiuru Cuckoo Thanks to YleArkisto for making possible this video. You can find all his work and a lot of more quality sounds here: Acerting Art is a Relaxing Music Channel with Music and Sounds from Nature indicated for Meditation, Stress Relief and Baby Sleep.
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