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So... this is the FIFTH program of my heart-talk- centered, music, spoken word, and soothing sound radio show...done in a very unique way...with my way-playful, whimsical, sometimes-zany "inner committee" of co-hosts! My two regular co-hosts are... My alter eagle, "hired self" and all-around folksy wise-guy Geezer...occasionally steals the show, but over-all, is my wisest-ever intuitive presence and most amazing (who certainly has plenty of supernatural "side-kick" psychic abilities! And for this particular show... I let him take over... as my "Guess" Host! I think he did a pretty good job... He certainly kept us GUESSin'!) And my serenest, most playful "winner child", "Tweezer" really comes in handy "in a pinch"... and through his continuous efforts to capture simple joy in-the-moment and celebration of life by doing his best to express the "soul of humanity" through he remembers it...for better or verse! Other members and guests will likely appear as we go...but you just never know who "in the world" of my inner scenery will pop up next... and what "in the world"...or out of it (!) they might have to say! But I still hope you'll just "stay tuned"... and ENJOY--IN we do our best to "WELCOME YOU HOME TO YOUR HEART and TO THE SKIES OF YOUR SPIRIT" The FIRST Program's theme was "GO WITH YOUR HEART". THIS SECOND Program's theme is... "STAY WITH YOUR HEART". This THIRD one's theme was... "LISTEN TO YOUR EAGLE HEARTBEAT". (The fourth program's theme was... "SAIL THE SKIES OF YOUR SPIRIT".) The theme for this one? "LOVE IS... SO MUCH MORE"! The SONGS AND POETIC MUSIC in this program are the following (in order of appearance) : 1. The Way Love Is 2. Awaken to Love 3. I Believe in Miracles As mentioned in the "promo" segment above: Contact us at (and, if you'd like to consider us for a "live" event, be sure to mention "soul soothing concerts" in the heading of your email...) You can now catch "Spirit Skies" here on the page for my show on the radio station's site: ... Or you can also now find us on Sound Cloud: ... And our new "fan" page: ... or check us out my music here: ... ... ...
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