START//SELECT visits BigJam

We visited this years BigJam at St. Oberholz in Berlin to talk to its creator Robert Zetzsche and two devs, Laurens de Gier and Rami Ismail, about making games in a café over the course of four days.

START//SELECT is a digital/print magazine hybrid I'm working on right now for my bachelor project at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, so the finished magazine is probably (hopefully) going to be published in January 2012. Among many other shiny things, it is going to feature videos like this one.

The video above is the short version of the feature, in the magazine it is going to be about 7 minutes long and you can hear the guys go into further detail on making games at a jam.

Music by: Jim Guthrie - Lone Star

Only the video part is covered by a CC licence.

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