Listen to Your Heart Guy/Marian video

Guy and Marian are newly betrothed, their marriage arranged by her father. Guy loves Marian and she knows it. Marian is starting to have feelings for him too, but she is also frightened by him. Guy notices but hopes she will come round. He has his suspicions that she is still seeing Robin. The truth is she is actually distancing herself from Robin for the sake of her future with Guy.

Marian goes to see Guy hoping to get to know her husband to be a bit better and she is “stirred” by what she sees (LOL). It gives Guy some hope. He goes to her room later in the castle to talk, but Marian is acting a bit strange, but says she is pleased to see him, but is a little tired, so he leaves. Robin has been watching them.

Guy goes to the church the next morning to make arrangements for their wedding, expecting Marian to join him, but instead he finds the betrothal ring on the floor, the one he gave her, hurt that she would treat the ring with so little care. He does not go looking for her for explanations as he knows she is safe in the castle and not able to face what it might mean. He thinks to the wedding he has planned for them in his mind and feels his world falling apart and that she is up to her old ways of conspiring with the outlaws.

Marian comes to see him at his home to apologise for not showing up. She is afraid to tell Guy she has lost his ring. Guy is feeling frustrated and wants to ask her about the ring, but she does not give him a chance to. Guy decides to not say anything at all as he is afraid of losing Marian altogether, so the last thing he wants to hear is that she might have been meeting her old love, so on their next meeting he pretends like nothing has happened.

The day before the wedding, Guy’s servant, Thornton (I have always thought this rather ironic) lets slip he has seen Marian and Robin together at the church. Guy finally realises when Marian lost the ring. Guy finds Robin in the forest and confronts him; Robin is like “so what?” They fight. Marian gets to hear of it and goes to see Guy to make sure he is not hurt. Guy is still angry when she comes to see him and she withdraws from him.

Guy feels he cannot trust her anymore and follows her. He thinks she has gone from the castle to meet Robin, but in fact she was looking for him to say she was sorry. Robin watches from the shadows and sees the bond growing between Marian and Guy and it pains him.

Later at the castle the sheriff confronts Marian and tells her his spies have seen her with Robin and that she will be punished for it. Marian is afraid and looks to Guy, but they are both prisoners of circumstance and he says nothing. Guy now seems a coward in Marian’s eyes. She flees the castle to warn Robin that the game is up and its best that he leaves. Guy follows Marian on the sheriff’s instructions. He sees them meet in the forest, but is unable to hear what they are talking about, Marian is in fact telling Robin that it’s all over and she has feelings for Guy and that he should leave them alone.

When she returns, Marian is frightened when she sees the Sheriff talking to Guy and the Sheriff calls her over, it confirms her suspicions that she may have been followed. She panics and runs to her room and locks herself in. Guy tries to get her to open the door and talk to him. All Guy wanted to tell her was that he loved her.

After he is gone, Marian feels badly for how she has treated Guy and remembers how happy he was the day they were betrothed. The truth was that Guy had been talking to the Sheriff, offering himself in a fight to the death with Robin for Marian’s life as the Sheriff was planning to publicly execute Marian. Marian is summoned to the field, sure she is going to die, however when she gets there, Guy and Robin are fighting. Robin goes in for the kill she cannot see the man she loves die, as she finally realises she feels the same way for Guy and saves him, but also gives Robin the chance to escape.

Guy thanks her for saving his life, hoping she may have feelings for him after all. The wedding goes ahead, and Marian is shocked when he places the missing ring on her finger, she now knows that he knows of her meeting with Robin, but still wanted to marry her anyway. All is explained on their wedding night. She explains about the ring and promises to see Robin no more and that she wants to be with him.

All of Guy’s fears are finally washed away as she tells Guy she loves him. Marian is angered to see Robin watching them yet again, but Robin finally gets the message and leaves Nottingham the next day. Marian and Guy can start to begin their life together.

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