LISTEN - When you truly listen, what do you hear?

When was the last time we stopped and truly listened? Listened within... for something we truly want, something that makes us truly happy.

Chermaine was born with a gift to listen. From birth, Chermaine could hear the rhythms of life - she could understand the singing of the birds, the howling of the wind and the language of the animals. At the age of 5, Chermaine strongly believed that she could make anyone happy just by singing... singing the songs from her heart.

When Chermaine turned 22 years old, her dream came true and she became a singer. She was given an opportunity to record a song for the world to hear. But on the big day of filming her first MTV, Chermaine brutally discovered that she could no longer hear her own voice. She could no longer hear the rhythms of life. Worst, she no longer remembers why she is living her dream. She could no longer hear the song in her heart.

LISTEN is a journey that Chermaine embarked on to listen to a voice deep within herself and to remember: Why she loved singing in the first place. It is a journey about staying true to our dreams.

LISTEN was a gift to us from Molokai and we would like to share it with all who are willing to take one step to listen deeper within themselves - to listen to that one thing that truly makes us happy.

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