Binaural Swimming - Skyspace (2009)

Kielder, Northumberland UK, December 2009

Directed by Simon Ellis (


These binaural recordings are about experiencing a one-off, live version of the music in a totally unique way, with binaural artist Dallas Simpson being the ‘vessel’ for bringing the music to your ears. Recorded using tiny microphones in Simpson’s ears to capture the sound exactly as he is hearing it, when you listen back on headphones you hear the music in the same way, like you were actually there in the environment. The sound of the instruments, voices and the ambience of the location are all captured in 3D surround sound so you’re sonically transported to that time and place each time you listen to the track.

A note from the director:

This was one of those films that just sort of happened and became something quite special, to some extent because of the ludicrous weather. It's fair to say that in such conditions I wouldn't have dared shoot some of the footage on a camera of higher quality, and the lo-fi DV aesthetic complements the snowed-off-and-stripped-down nature of the band's performance just nicely.

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