Gregg Allman w/ Willie Nelson, Warren Haynes & Dave Matthews Allman Brothers Band - Farm Aid Randall’s Island, New York, NY 9/9/

Gregg Allman w/ Willie Nelson, Warren Haynes & Dave Matthews Allman Brothers Band - Farm Aid Randall's Island, New York, NY 9/9/07

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Midnight Rider (Gregg Allman and Willie Nelson)
Melissa (Gregg Allman, Dave Matthews, Warren Haynes)
Trouble No More (Dimples warm up jam)
Who's Been Talking
Black Hearted Woman
Statesboro Blues
One Way Out

Gregg Allman's set started with him on guitar accompanied by Willie Nelson for an arrangement of "Midnight Rider." Unfortunately, the microphone levels were not the only thing lacking. Nelson's harmonies were unheard for the first half of the song, and overall I think the song warrants a full band setting to capture the spirit that fans have come to expect. Dave Matthews inclusion on "Melissa" brought a sentimental quality that was well received by the audience.

The Allman Brothers' set lay second to none at this year's Farm Aid, compacting their electrical mayhem into a short timeframe. Starting with "Trouble No More" their entire set lie at a summit of creativity. Gregg Allman's high pitch keyboard hits during the intro to "Black Hearted Woman" gelled with the ride cymbal, showing Allman can blend himself with ease. What is so recognizable about the Allman Brothers is their affinity for in-your-face unison guitar riffs ripe with potential. These prominent guitar parts become entangled and eventually upgrade to vast possibilities with the monster rhythm section behind them. And you better believe this band knows how to work them out. Accented with cymbal crashes, Trucks' guitar solo on "Black Hearted Woman" drove into changing terrains, each more climatic than the last. You could hear ideas develop into recognizable bits like "My Favorite Things." Like John Coltrane, Trucks can find other songs in his own styling. Warren Haynes' solo was pure brilliance on "Whose Been Talking," where he played through the changes with a tremolo that was met by Butch Trucks' drumming note for note. This band is tight. Every nuance is layered and shared. The Allman Brothers' set also included "Statesboro Blues" and "Revival," a carnival for the ears.

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