Patrick Mavros -African Luxury House- London

Patrick Mavros is known for his unique and original vision, drawing inspiration from the landscape, flora and fauna of his native Africa. He founded his business in 1979 after making a pair of earrings for his wife that were admired by her friends. Since then, Mavros has established his idiosyncratic aesthetic and has created a number of signature pieces, among them his sterling silver crocodile belt buckles, his sterling silver elephant hair bangles and his whimsical elephant and tortoise cigar ashtrays.

In addition to creating what he calls everyday silver items he has undertaken numerous private commissions, fashioning everything from Giraffe and Acacia Tree Candelabra to a magnificent set of flying grouse Double magnum wine coasters. His work is to be seen everywhere from royal palaces to remote African ranch homesteads.

Mavros says that he likes to capture the mystery and magic of Africa in the pieces that he designs, bringing the drama and the charm of the continent to a discriminating public. Like a character out of a novel by H Rider Haggard, Mavros' powerful personality is present in every piece that he designs and the charisma of the man and his work has won him friends and customers including His Majesty The King of Spain, Denzel Washington, JK Rowling and Barack Obama.

The impressive detail displayed in each piece is testament to Patrick's relentless dedication to quality. In his pursuit of artistic perfection, Patrick has built a worldwide business with five international outlets and created what has long been absent -- an African Luxury Brand.

104 - 106 Fulham Road
London, SW3 6HS

+44 207 052 0001

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