Idle Thumbs Live at PAX Prime 2010 - Burnin’ Down the Wolfman

(Note: Apologies up front for the audio issues during the first song. A microphone was bumping into a shirt a lot. It sounds better after that!)

Recorded in front of a live audience at PAX 2010's Wolfman Theater, Idle Thumbs presents what is either its third "final episode," or its first "reunion episode," now available in bonus video form! Hear us intermittently forget the audience exists as we share impressions of PAX's finest offerings, fear an exploding microphone, sing songs, and tell the tale of handling Germany's finest wines. With special guests Sean Vanaman and Steve Gaynor.

Games Discussed: Torchlight 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Dante's Inferno, Little Big Planet 2, Weinhändler, Imperial 2030, Far Cry 2

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