Chris & Elaine | Same Day Edit | “2 is better than 1”

Chris and Elaine is one of the nicest couple we've ever met. They were so accommodating and we felt so appreciated with their hospitality. It was such a pleasure knowing them and documenting their wedding.

Chris has so much surprises in store for Elaine. He initially surprised Elaine by booking a contract with us. Then on the wedding day he surprised Elaine with fruit basket, bunch of roses, earrings, and a very lovely letter.

I'm sure he will have a lot more after the wedding. Elaine is such a lucky girl!

The same day edit didn't go accordingly to plan though. We had to delay the showtime until 10.30 and when it was shown, our computer decided to lag.

However, despite the problems, it was still a great day nevertheless especially for Chris and Elaine. The video will make another debut on their wedding in Malaysia end of this week and we hope them all the very best on that celebration too.

Thanks again Chris and Elaine. Hope you love the video and we'll pray for a joyous and blessed marriage for you two! :)

PS. special thank you to Yongky Ong from Green Leaves Productions for helping out. :)

With LOVE,


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